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It makes us really proud to see our clients smile to see beautiful products they have designed, invented, and drawn themselves. Have your product, machine or appliance completely manufactured by Pillen and focus on further development and sales activities of your product. We are your complete production partner!

Proud of our customers who have products produced by us

Everyone is in his or her power and everyone can do what he or she is good at so that we can all be successful. Thus, together we realize ideas and make promises.

Everyone in his or her strength

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Our strength = doing it ourselves and working together

Pillen has been in existence for more than 60 years. We have a passion for the production and processing of materials. In our own companies we have a variety of production and processing facilities in the areas of metal, wood, plastics, printing and assembly facilities

Large network of suppliers

Our large network of suppliers and partners, each with their own specialisation, with whom Pillen has good contacts, ultimately ensure that you, the client, are presented with the solution you are looking for. Above all, with short lines of communication and fast switching.

Onze assemblagefaciliteit - Pillen Groupen

Where do we get it made?

Besides our own subcontracting (metalworking and wood-plastic machining), our companies Pillen Projects & Products are specialized in the complete production and manufacturing of your product. We meet your needs and can take care of the production for you according to your drawing and plan of requirements.

Design & Engineering

Pillen can also take care of the initial design, prototyping, and the first zero-series. Pillen is the complete production partner and manufacturer for you as a customer.

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3D printing

Co- Engineering

From concept to technical development

Production partner Pillen Group

Production & Sourcing

Production and sourcing of parts

Montage and lassen

Assembly & mounting

Assembly of complete products

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We have been producing and assembling components made of metal, wood, plastic and providing product assemblies since 1956!

Nothing is impossible for us and we will solve your production problem!

Production partner

We take care of the sourcing and production of your product.

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